Potato Export Challenges Pt 1

Potato Export Challenges Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The U.S. potato industry is doing a great job of generating sizeable export markets, creating around $4.78 billion in economic activity.

But, National Potato Council CEO, Kam Quarles says a

Michigan State University study has identified the three biggest challenges to expanding those markets …

QUARLES … “Tariffs are one. Also, exchange rates, how those fluctuate between countries can impact exports. And then the thirds one, big deal for potatoes and certainly all specialty crops are these sanitary and phytosanitary issues.”

Which leaves some countries, Quarles says digging in their heels …

QUARLES … “We saw that with Mexico. We’re certainly seeing it with Japan, is the refusal to negotiate over pest and disease mitigation, and some of those technical barriers is what has stopped effectively the market access process. So rather than a tariff debate, it’s and SPS and TBT debate.”

And whether it’s fresh, dehy, chipped, or frozen, Quarles says they all have their unique potential …

QUARLES … “And certainly, the countries that you’re going into will color some of that, but it’s a very impressive, diverse series of export channels that the potato industry is involved in and we just want to keep that

going into the future.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on expanding U.S. potato export


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