Ag World Golf Classic 2024 Pt 2

Ag World Golf Classic 2024 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. If you’ve participated in Ag World Golf Classic before, in Kennewick or Moses Lake, here’s reminder to get ready for yet another year in support of the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane.

Ag World CEO, Bryan Henniger says it’s a great cause that we’ve done 10 times before …

HENNINGER … “And this is going to be our eleventh. So, this year we are anticipating that we are going to cross a million dollars raised over that amount of time.”

Henninger says it will be here before you know it …

HENNINGER … “The first one is going to be on Tuesday,

June 4th, and that’s down in Kennewick at Canyon Lakes. And the next one is Thursday, June 6th up at Moses Point in Moses Lake.”

And, Henninger says if you like to be a sponsor …

HENNINGER … “One sponsorship gets you recognition at both and you can come play. And there’s lots of different ways to get involved and would love to see you out there and join us in supporting families and their kids through what the Ronald McDonald House is doing in Spokane.”

Henninger says it’s a great cause in a great facility …

HENNINGER … “If you haven’t been to this one in Spokane, they did build a new Ronald McDonald House there and it’s amazing. It’s right off I-90. Look to your south and you’ll see it right there before Sacred Heart and it’s, yeah, it’s a beautiful building. It’s a great spot.”

To learn more about playing or sponsoring … go to

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