Sorghum Touted as the Resource-Conserving Crop

Sorghum Touted as the Resource-Conserving Crop

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
Sorghum is witnessing an upward trend. Finally coming into the spotlight, the promising economics surrounding this grain are paving the way for new opportunities. National Sorghum Producers Executive Director Greg Ruehle, emphasizing its growing potential.

“There's two areas that I think are really good one, the market continues to stay strong. China continues to be a big buyer of sorghum, not a surprise.”

He notes that with a slight in the price of other grains, sorghum has hung on to positive pricing.

“Sorghum has maintained a fairly strong price advantage to corn in many markets today. So that's a to me, that's a really good thing. The second is, it's a positive response to a negative situation. It's the water challenges that we have.”

He says there has been a shift in forage production to sorghum forage with a sustainability story to be told, not only around the feed but around the livestock being fed sorghum.

“So we continue to build those alliances and help those folks tell the story about how you know what about the role sorghum can play in contributing to a sustainable future.”

Unlike other crops really says sorghum has a role to play in the ongoing drought situation for areas of the US, especially those areas in the Ogallala Aquifer region as sorghum is touted as the resource-conserving crop.

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