UPL's Focus on Bio-Solutions

UPL's Focus on Bio-Solutions

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
This is Tim Hammerich of the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future Report.

UPL, the world’s 5th largest agrochemical company, sees a lot of future opportunities in biologicals. Technical development manager Drew Wolter says there are a number of reasons growers look to biologicals.

Wolter… “If you're looking out west, right, you're really looking at MRL mitigation. So that's an opportunity to fit in a rotational program, some of those biologicals, right? Our mission, though is to make sure we bring efficacy to the table, to the grower.”

Wolter says this includes biostimulants, innovative nutrition and inoculants for a variety of agronomic purposes. Including a big one out west: water efficiency.

Wolter… “We are looking at products that not only are meant to hold the water in the rhizosphere and help with nutrient cycling as well. But stacking the function with innoculants as well, and understanding that any response you're gonna get into the soil, you need that stacked function.”

Wolter says this emphasis on soil function is critical.

Wolter… “We are highly focused on understanding the soil health aspect, but more so in light of soil function. What can we do to make those triggers work for a grower? Soil health is arbitrary. That term is arbitrary. When you speak soil function, now we're looking at indices you can affect. Now we're talking about what we can do for the grower, so that is where UPL is focused.”

That’s Drew Wolter of UPL.

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