Hyper Infusion Pt 2

Hyper Infusion Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Improving the oxygen content in and around fish ladders on Snake River dams could dramatically improve salmon returns, and that’s what Merck Animal Health’s new Hyper InfusiO2n™ system does.

Merck’s Sarah Hoffmann says Hyper InfusiO2n™ is simple, efficient and doesn’t require a lot of human interaction …

HOFFMANN … “You know, when we think about fish passage in particular, our idea is to give these hydropower operators something that, A, isn’t adding to their costs, and B, like you said, isn’t adding to the labor. So, something that’s more of a ‘set it and forget it’ and it just benefits you.”

Hyper InfusiO2n™ could help, Hoffmann says on different fronts …

HOFFMANN … “In order to really bridge that gap between having these healthy, sustainable fish populations and healthy, sustainable, renewable energy generation, we really have to find something that is easy, it is low-maintenance, and it’s really providing benefits both to the fish as well as to the hydro community.”

The results, Hoffmann says even took her by surprise …

HOFFMANN … “This method is so new that it is really one of those things that you have to see to believe. I know Chris and I both felt that way. Oh, these people are pulling my leg. There’s no way they can get to 450% oxygen saturation without altering gas pressure, but man when you see it, it is life changing.”

Hoffmann says over a four-year period, fish passage increased more than 1200% following installation of Hyper InfusiO2n™.

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