Hyper Infusion Pt 1

Hyper Infusion Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers are of vital importance to irrigated agriculture. So, finding an alternative to dam removal in order to save native salmon runs would fit both needs.

Well now there’s a new system called Hyper InfusiO2n™ and, according to Merck Animal Health’s Sarah Hoffmann, it uses added oxygen to make fish passage much safer and much more efficient …

HOFFMANN … “So, I think what’s really exciting about this method is that we can provide dissolved, immediately available and safe oxygen to these fish in ways that really, historically we haven’t been able to do.”

And that, Hoffmann says makes Hyper InfusiO2n™ special …

HOFFMANN … “It’s really exciting to get to be at the forefront of this science and be thinking about what oxygen super-saturation can mean for fish health and welfare in a way that we haven’t previously been able to explore.”

So, Hoffmann asks, how will we know? …

HOFFMANN … “What we’re really excited to have now is a holistic solution where we already have the infrastructure in place to monitor these fish and now, we have the ability to really optimize their environment through fish passageways. And then, we also have remote communication capabilities where we can really benchmark the progress of the fish as well as the device itself.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on Merck Animal Health’s Hyper InfusiO2n™ and why it just makes sense.

Merck is looking for an opportunity to install the Hyper InfusiO2n system on at least one of the Snake River dams.

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