Rodents and EPA

Rodents and EPA

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley charges the EPA is favoring rats and

mice over farmers.

Grassley and 16 other farm-state senators wrote EPA chief Michael Regan asking him to reverse course on restricting use of nearly a dozen rodenticides, with a key ally on its side …

GRASSLEY … “The Office of Pest Management Policy in USDA responded with a detailed letter that they sent to EPA laying out why the proposed changes will negatively impact U.S. agriculture.”

Grassley argues EPA bureaucrats are helping rats instead of farmers by tying up farmers in red tape, increasing costs, and causing crop and livestock loss …

GRASSLEY … “The Biden Administration has a choice to make. Will it stick up for the livelihood of the farmers and ranchers of America or is it going to stand up for the life and liberty of rats and mice?”

Grassley blames Congress for delegating too much power to bureaucrats on many issues …

GRASSLEY … “What do we got bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., trying to make a decision on what we do on the Grassley family farm to keep rodents under control? What do they know about it? They probably don’t have dirt under their fingernails.”

Grassley says the issue could crawl its way up to the Supreme Court, ultimately, Congress must take back the broad powers it handed to Washington bureaucrats.

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