Protecting Your Cotton Investment

Protecting Your Cotton Investment

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
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A lot of inputs, both monetary and calendar, go into your cotton crop each year. Today we’re focusing in on making the most of those investments during cotton defoliation with Davis Durham, Helena Agri-Enterprises…

A clean and timely harvest is important to get the most out of our investments when defoliating. But to maximize results, we need to include the right adjuvant in the tank. Adjuvants are essential for a successful defoliation.

As you look at the options, he had a suggestion for a mix.

When mixing Helena adjuvants Quest and Dyne-Amic together especially when ethephon is included in the tank mix, you get an increase in defoliation, boll opening, and rain fastness. Quest reduces the pH in the tank to maximize ethephon performance, and Dyne-Amic, being an oil, creates a better distribution of defoliant across the leaves surface and penetrating throughout the plant.

It always seems so simple when they discuss it, but if you’re wanting to learn more about the products or the science behind them, Davis and his crew can help.

You can visit for more information on Quest and Dyne-Amic or to find your local Helena retailer.

You can also find that website via ours – AgInfo.NET.

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