Embracing Ag Technolgy Pt 1

Embracing Ag Technolgy Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Technology is changing everything we do in this world today … including agriculture … and it’s advancing at a pace that’s nearly impossible to keep up with. But, it’s something we all need to do.

Chad Colby of Colby AgTech says the changes in agriculture technology are pretty daunting, but these are exciting times …

COLBY … “I can guarantee you this, and I think most of you know this, the bright spot in agriculture moving forward is going to be the adoption of technology in more ways than we can imagine in this room today. That I can guarantee you.”

Speaking to a group of farm broadcasters recently, Colby said he never gets tired of preaching the need for accepting technology …

COLBY … “This is my favorite thing to talk about when I talk to farmers, is just the potential of things you can do on your farm that changes your school of thought. And, I think that’s the part about this that I want this organization here to understand, you gotta embrace the technology because we’ll get there. And as it moves forward, it gets more interesting.”

He tells everyone, it’s something we all have to do …

COLBY … “You know, I was with a farmer yesterday having lunch. I swear to you guys, this is a great story, and I made this statement; I said if you’re not changing population in your field or changing fertility to see what you’re doing, to try it higher or lower with inputs, then you’re making a mistake! You have to try! And, he said, yeah, I know, we need to be doing more of that. I said, that needs to be commonplace, you know. And the technology will help you do that.”

Listen tomorrow for more on Colby’s unique technology updates and where he sees it taking the world of agriculture.

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