Farm Bureau Policy Pt 1

Farm Bureau Policy Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The Washington State Farm Bureau’s legislative delegation is made up of elected Farm Bureau members from around the state who know what farmers need.

Farm Bureau policy chair, Anne Lawrence says it’s the most effective way to make sure those in Olympia here those needs …

LAWRENCE … “What we do as Farm Bureau advocates, as elected people and as the governmental affairs team does its work, is we try to intercede for farmers because they don’t have time to intercede for themselves.”

And Lawrence says it’s working well …

LAWRENCE … “Our current legislative team is having better conversations than ever with some very forward-thinking people on both sides. In fact, it’s some of the best talks I’ve heard this year and some of the best conversations are happening. So, I have lots of hope for the future.”

Getting involved, Lawrence says is easy …

LAWRENCE … “They can join. They can go on the website, that’s just Washington Farm Bureau … … and they can join. We welcome absolutely everyone.”

Lawrence says it’s a great system …

LAWRENCE … “We have every kind of farming imaginable and ranching, and it’s just, it’s huge and it’s wonderful. And I tell you, I believe in Washington Farm Bureau and its advocacy for our members with all of my heart.”

To learn more about the Washington Farm Bureau and their great work, go to

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