Farm Bureau Membership Pt 2

Farm Bureau Membership Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The Washington State Farm Bureau is restructuring their membership just a bit to make sure those outside of agriculture know they are as welcome as the farmers and ranchers.

Bailey Moon, Washington Farm Bureau Marketing Director, says there are plenty of good reasons to become a member …

MOON … “So, if you’re engaged in agriculture and you’ve got and operation, you know, small to large, you’re just wanting to know more about what are some of the impacts to your farm or you’re looking for that network of individuals in your farming community, Farm Bureau’s a great way to connect.”

Membership, Moon says is a great way to be involved with agriculture …

MOON … “Learning more about, you know, all the different types of agriculture in Washington state is important. We are so blessed here to be able to grow and raise, you know, over 300 commodities and Washington agriculture is the second largest industry in the state, and I truly believe, and the rest of our team here believes, we need to be talking about that more.”

Moon says, for those who are interested …

MOON … “They can visit our website, and right on our home page there’s a button you can click into to join membership. You can access our benefit details and kind of shop around, maybe some of the benefits, those discounts you would get as a member.”

Moon says their website is a great first stop, but you’re always welcome to call their office to get those questions about Farm Bureau membership and engagement answered.

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Membership, go to

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