Pear Deal Pt 2

Pear Deal Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Processed Bartlett pear growers are thankful processors Del Monte and Nell Jones feel their pain and agree to an inflation adjustment of $15 per ton, and another bump in 2024.

BJ Thurlby, president of the Washington State Fruit Commission, says this impacts a significant segment of the Bartlett growers …

THURLBY … “Just about 50% of the crop every year goes into the processed market. So, it’s a pretty critical market for our Bartlett pear growers.”

The processors, Thurlby says understand …

THURLBY … “We did a study two years ago that showed that the cost of producing Bartletts has gone up about 15% in the last three or four years. So, that helps. We got a raise after we talked about that side of the business and what it’s costing us to produce them.”

That $15, Thurlby says is significant …

THURLBY … “Especially, like I said, when I go back and say, we already had a negotiated, agreed to price on the table and for these processors to have the open mind and will to say, hey, we’re going to work with these growers to keep these Bartletts in the ground. It just makes great sense, but it also I know means a lot to the industry.”

Thurlby says we’re in this together …

THURLBY … “And that kind of goes back to that relationship I was talking about where, you know, growers need those processors, and the processors need those growers. So, finding kind of middle ground, that makes sense for everybody and allows everyone to kind of stay in business and operate on their already ultimately thin margins.”

Thurlby says inflation has slowed a bit, but this will help some growers stay in business.

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