Farm Bill Threat

Farm Bill Threat

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. House Ag Democrats have issued a farm bill ultimatum to majority Republicans: ‘keep your hands off SNAP, or there won’t be a farm bill.’

Every Ag Democrat signed a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, led by Ag Ranking Member David Scott …

SCOTT … “We stand united against any efforts to take food away from children, families, or any vulnerable American in this farm bill or any legislation.”

The letter reminds McCarthy that “playing partisan SNAP politics” resulted in early farm bill failures in 2014 and ’18, jeopardizing safety net programs for farmers.

But Ag Republicans, led by GT Thompson, argue at 82% of the farm bill, SNAP must be reformed …

THOMPSON … “Let’s move from states going out of their way to keep employable individuals idle and disengaged and spend more time fostering connections with employers and education providers.”

And in an earlier interview with Agri-Pulse …

THOMPSON … “I don’t think we’d be doing our job if we just said, ‘we’re not going to look at any further (changes) to nutrition title.’ Well, that’s not right.”

And then, there’s the spending revolt on the Republican ‘right,’ also challenging McCarthy. Former American Farm

Bureau staffer Andrew Walmsley …

WALMSLEY … “There’s some on the far right, in particular, that want to continue to have a discussion, and that’s something that leadership and Congress will have to navigate, toward getting a farm bill done.”

Appropriations bill fights over spending levels and politically sensitive issues and departments could further complicate farm bill prospects.

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