WAugust 2023 Pt 2

WAugust 2023 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Washington’s wine industry celebrates in March and again right now in August … a 31-day celebration called WAugust.

Washington Wine Commission’s Averyl Dunn Mooney says everyone should be able to find a wine that suits their tastes …

MOONEY … “With Washington being able to produce nearly 80 different varieties of grape, you have a style for everyone. We’ve got tasting rooms all across the state.”

To learn more about WAugust, Averyl says, check out their website …

MOONEY … “If you visit www.waugust.com you will see all of the events listed for all the different wineries, all across the state. And like you said, everybody in Walla Walla’s hosting various events. It’s happening in Yakima, it’s happening all across Red Mountain, and of course, over here on the west side.”

Averyl says they’ve also got an app for your phone …

MOONEY … “Yeah, Map My WA Wine. It is an app. It is on your fingertips. It’ll go with you. It will allow you to filter wineries and experiences for exactly what you’re looking for.”

Averyl says it’s a time to celebrate everyone involved …

MOONEY … “It’s a dedicated month to celebrate the famers, the vintners, and all of the wineries that made Washington what it is. So, to commit a full 31 days to really building attention and focus around all of the efforts that are happening across the industry is really special to us.”

Averyl says it’s always a great time to celebrate Washington Wines, but WAugust is now.

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