WAugust 2023 Pt 1

WAugust 2023 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. August is here and that means a great deal to Washington’s wine industry and those who love Washington wines.

Washington Wine Commission’s Averyl Dunn Mooney says former Governor Christine Gregoire declared August Washington’s second Wine Month two decades ago …

MOONEY … “August becoming WAugust was our fun rebranding of what’s been a forever Washington Wine Month for the past 20 years.”

And, Averyl says it’s a great time to get out and check out our fantastic wine industry …

MOONEY … “WAugust gets everybody activated to get out and go explore. So, wineries are offering promotions and hosting special events. You’ll see it out in retailers, that big, bright, bold coloring with retailers offering really fun deals. And then, of course, it just unites wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts across the board on all the different levels. So, there’s something for everybody.”

Including, Averyl says a face-to-face education to find what you love …

MOONEY … “The approachability aspect of somebody being able to walk into a tasting room and speak to someone on the other side of the counter about what they’re interested in and what they like, is the best way to start engaging and to get people involved.”

WAugust, Averyl says aims to please …

MOONEY … “Washington offers something for everybody by way of style, by of way of variety, and also by way of conversation.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on WAugust … Washington second Wine Month celebration.

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