Autonomous Tractors Pt 2

Autonomous Tractors Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. A revolution is underway for agriculture with high-tech changes like precision sprayers and fully autonomous, self-driving tractors.

John Deere Manager for Global Large Tractors, Brett Showalter says their new autonomous tractors should save you time and money …

SHOWALTER … “Autonomy is about labor savings, but it’s also about labor availability and repurposing that labor that is available for higher value tasks. So, I may have a higher value task that’s better for that person to be doing than sitting in the cab all the time.”

Showalter says they’ll free up more time for other duties you to get done, and much more as move forward …

SHOWALTER … “These are only going to get smarter and better over time as the machine-learning continues to get more acres under its belt, we’ll continue to do better and better. So, this truly is a product that gets better over time through continual learning.”

And John Deere, Showalter says is leading the way …

SHOWALTER … “There aren’t very many that have actually gone out and are operating autonomously without a body in the seat. So, we’re in that elite few that actually have paying customers that are utilizing systems that operate autonomously without somebody needing to be there remotely to monitor what it’s doing.”

Showalter says the autonomous tractors are available now, but in limited supply until they scale up and have more in the years ahead.

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