Washington Wine's New Leader Pt 2

Washington Wine's New Leader Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Just days into here new post, Washington State Wine Commission’s new Executive Director, Kristina Kelley is busy at work.

First off, Kelley says the new 5 year strategic plan needs to be finalized …

KELLEY … “I think it’s also really important that I get to meet a lot of the wine makers and wine growers before harvest … ha ha … and so I would say these summer months, get it out now over the next two or three months, because I know they’ll be busy with harvest. So, I think that’s a priority.”

And her staff, Kelley says is exceptional …

KELLEY … “It’s a great group. I spent last week with everyone going through their plans and I’m just so impressed with the talent the commission has on hand. So, meeting the wine growers, the wine makers before harvest, getting the 5-year strategic plan out, and continuing to get to know the team and the wonderful aspects that they bring to the Washington Wine Commission.”

Promotions, Kelley says will also be expanded …

KELLEY … “The number one thing I want to make sure is that in our programming that we’re not just speaking to people who already know and love Washington, but we’re speaking to a new set of consumers as they begin their wine journey.”

And beyond Washington …

KELLEY … “I think that there is an awareness of Washington state, there is a great demand for Washington state wines. I think the biggest challenge is making sure new consumers are in there and making sure that we are out there as advocates for the Washington wine industry, again, across the U.S.”

Kelley will lead the Wine Commission’s marketing, communications, special events, and branding of Washington wines.

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