Water Availability Pt 1

Water Availability Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Watching from the north as California gets pummeled with an unusual amount of rain and snow, many along the West Coast are wondering whether or not we can expect drought conditions again this year?

So far this year, according to University of Washington

Atmospheric Sciences professor, Cliff Mass, the weather is definitely a little different than we’re used to in recent years …

MASS … “California has been inundated with one storm after the other, and it’s not over. And so, with the jet stream shifted south we’re dryer and we’re also colder. It’s colder on the north side of the jet stream. So, our temperatures have been above normal.”

As for Oregon, Mass says, things are looking much better …

MASS … “The closer you are to California, the wetter and snowier it is. So, while Washington state, our snowpack is a little bit below normal and our precipitation as well, it’s near normal over Oregon and in fact in Southern Oregon it’s above normal. So, the further south you go in Oregon the wetter and snowier it gets.”

And, Mass says here in Washington, it’s a bit dryer than normal …

MASS … “So, you know, we’re at the kind of 85 to 90% level of moisture, which is something we can definitely take in stride. So, I don’t see any major problems. And there will be more precipitation. We will pick up a little bit later on in the season. So, I’m not worried about our water resources.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on our Northwest water supply heading into spring.

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