Buffer Bill Revisited Pt 2

Buffer Bill Revisited Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. After two stakeholder meetings last fall to discuss the best way to craft a new version of the Buffer bill, two bills were recently introduced.

But, Washington Policy Center’s Ag Research Director, Pam Lewison says if this goes through as written …

LEWISON … “And you will see a significant downturn in agriculture in our state because no one in the farm environment can sacrifice 50% of their ability to function and remain a farmer.”

Lewison says, both sides need to lay all their cards on the table …

LEWISON … “I think there has to be a complete level of honesty from everyone involved. And, more specifically, not just honesty, but everyone has to be willing to hear everyone’s concerns.”

Without knowing, Lewison says what’s the point? …

LEWISON … “If we don’t identify what those goals are and how to come toward them in a parallel manner, someone is going to get punished. And, it’s a matter of how that punishment gets doled out that’s going to be difficult. And I think at this point, nobody is confused about who is going to suffer that punishment, because it will be the ag community.”

Lewison says we need to figure out a way for farmers to function while still getting some sort of wildlife habitat benefit.

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