FMC Friday: Systemic Fungicide in California

FMC Friday: Systemic Fungicide in California

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for our weekly FMC Friday report! This FMC Friday is brought to you by Altacor eVo insect control powered by Rynaxypyr active. Don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

Regional FMC tech services manager Gail Stratman sat down with me at NAFB this fall to talk about the company’s new systemic fungicide, gaining popularity throughout California.

“One product that we’ve seen a lot of growth with, a lot of interest in California is a product called Rhyme. Rhyme is a systemic fungicide that we can utilize in the soil, and then we get plant uptake to control diseases like powdery mildew in grapes… put this on, let the roots pick it up, distribute it throughout the leaves, we get powdery mildew control. So we aren’t spraying it on the plant, we are putting it in the plant. So it’s almost like vaccinating the plant against diseases. We are also utilizing that in some of our tree crops now, like walnuts.”

Thanks for tuning in for FMC Friday. Shield your yield this season with Altacor eVo insect control and don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

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