Hort Show 2022 Pt 2

Hort Show 2022 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. The Hort Show, WSTFA’s Annual Meeting and trade show is right around the corner, December 5-6-7 in Wenatchee where every segment of the tree fruit industry will be well represented.

Chairman of this year’s Hort Show is Manson Grower’s GM Jared England who says there will be a little bit of everything …

ENGLAND … “We’ll have anything from the workforce to growers to packing warehouses, sales desks, vendors, you know it’s a large list of people from industry, research. Everyone’s going to be there.”

This, England is what everyone looks forward to …

ENGLAND … “This is a perfect platform to find and connect and make relationships and connect those dots to identify solutions that will address their individual, unique challenges.”

Challenges, England says they face head on …

ENGLAND … “And the true nature of farmers is they are resilient. They work hard. And so that aspect is, you can’t teach that. That underlying characteristics are there. It’s just identifying those opportunities and working together that will really, I think, lead us to success in the long run.”

England says you don’t want to miss it …

ENGLAND … “I think we just want to extend the challenge out to everybody to come, participate, engage. You know, that’s really consistent with our theme, “Stronger Together” is come in and share what you have to offer. You know, that will help strengthen someone else. And so, we invite everybody to stay engaged and reach out, connect those dots, create those relationships.”

Go to www.wstfa.org for Hort Show info or to register … if you haven’t already done so … for the 2022 Hort Show in Wenatchee December 5-6-7.

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