David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Farmers Business Network has launched CyberNovember, the biggest online shopping event of the year at FBN.com. The event allows farmers to nail down their 2023 crop plans now, especially with the continued risk of rising input and financing costs. Charles Baron, FBN Co-Founder, explains the sale.

“CyberNovember is FBN’s biggest, most comprehensive sale of the year, and it really covers everything that FBN provides in terms of our input products. And it really started a few years ago when FBN started selling products online to growers, realizing consumers have so much fun with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why shouldn't farmers have that ability, and really just turned into a major event. Farmers have loved it and buy from nearly all 50 states during November.”

Baron says deals on the website span the entire FBN network.

“Number one is, we have really outstanding deals and discounts across major products, so especially products like glyphosate and phosphonate, which virtually all farmers need or use. And then we have a number of new things that are coming out. One of the new things is something we call an Acre Pack. And an Acre Pack actually is a digital agronomic support that a grower can use to determine exactly what their input costs per acre are going to be for the year. It allows them to build their acre, start with their herbicide program, start with their seed, set the rates, and then it automatically calculates how much of the product you need to purchase, you can see exactly what your costs are going to be, and you can do your entire program for the year.”

Additionally, financing options are available to FBN members.

“We have our zero percent financing on inputs as well as our operating line which farmers can use for inputs on FBN, which also has some zero percent financing available on it for inputs. With all of our finance products, applications are very simple and quick, online, that a farmer can do, typically takes just 15 minutes. And then, they can get approved for operating lines up to a million dollars or input lines up to a quarter of a million dollars. Especially in a high interest rate environment like today, it’s a very convenient way for growers to save money. There's cash discounts, there's financing options, farmers can even pay with a credit card if they want to.”

Baron adds the event is for FBN members, but membership is free.

“To get the cyber deals, just become an FBM member, it's free. You can browse the products online without being a member, go to FBN.com and start checking it out the deals, it will be right up on the homepage. To actually build a cart, build an Acre Pack, just create your membership. it's free, takes about 30 seconds and then you're good to go. You want to get information ready if you're ready to purchase, so that's things like your restricted use pesticide license number, your tax ID number, and then if you need financing, go through the financing approval. But that just takes a couple minutes, and then you're set up for the whole year to take care of your whole input needs.”

To get the CyberNovember deals, head to FBN.com.

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