Mexican Petition

Mexican Petition

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. A key mover on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement wants to stop Biden U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai from launching a trade investigation against Mexican fruit and vegetable imports.

The way Senate Finance member Chuck Grassley sees the possible Section 301 investigation, requested by Florida U.S. lawmakers …

GRASSLEY … “There’s no evidence that the Mexican government is illegally supporting its fruit and vegetable industry.”

But if U.S. Trade Rep Katherine Tai goes ahead with an investigation against U.S. Ag’s second biggest export market …

GRASSLEY … “Not only will it undermine Section 301 as a trade enforcement tool, it will also raise the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables, at a time when Americans cannot afford prices that they’re paying at the grocery store. Proceeding will likely force Mexico to retaliate against the United States.”

Grassley says he sought regional cooperation by helping broker USMCA and will ask Ambassador Tai to reject the 301 petition.


Separately, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced more than $3 billion under the Inflation Reduction Act to help some 36,000 distressed or delinquent borrowers with FSA loans avoid or deal with foreclosure …

VILSACK … “We’re going to focus on a more proactive approach to avoid those circumstances and situations, and try to address and assist folks, before they get to a point of no return.”

Including speeding up help to distressed borrowers asking for assistance, and those with complex cases.

Bottom line USDA says: “Stop the bleeding.”

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