Cherry Health Benefits Pt 1

Cherry Health Benefits Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Eating healthy is something many of us are trying to do better at these days and with a great selection of Northwest tree fruit, that shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

But whether it’s the great taste or health-benefits, Northwest cherry growers have got a great option. And, Northwest Cherry Growers President BJ Thurlby says that’s the message they want to send …

THURLBY … “We really feel that this is a critical time to tell that health story with cherries are super high in anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation, and inflammation of course helps reduce or increase your immune system.”

Thurlby says it’s all very exciting …

THURLBY … “It’s just a great time to be selling a product that is holistically healthy for consumers and I tell our growers, you know, we have a great product and no matter what we do, right or wrong, at the end of the day we still have a great product.”

So, those changing buying habits, Thurlby says is what they’re counting on …

THURLBY … “That’s one of the things that gets exciting when you talk about how’s the season going to go. Well, we just hope the consumers are there thinking, well I want to be healthy, I want my children to be healthy, and we’re going to buy cherries.”

Thurlby says it will all be technology and health …

THURLBY … “You know, those two will go hand-in-hand together, online promotions and ads, social media everywhere talking about why you want to make cherries part of your, you know, your daily food routine. And so yeah, it’s just good timing in terms of having a product that is unique to human health and try to tell that story in a positive way.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on those healthy Northwest cherries.

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