WineVit 2023 Pt 2

WineVit 2023 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. If you’re in the Washington wine industry, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll be at the 2023 WineVit convention and trade show in early February.

The next WineVit was announced last week by the Washington Winegrowers Association and Assistant Director Sarah Higgins says you’ve got time to make plans to attend …

HIGGINS … “February 6th thru 9th at the Three Rivers Convention Center and Toyota Center in Kennewick.”

And, Higgins says, WineVit even has its own website …

HIGGINS … “You can find all the information about the convention and the trade show at … that’s W-I-N-E-V-I-T dot org. And registration will be opening in November.

But, Higgins says if you’re interested in being an exhibitor at the trade show …

HIGGINS … “While registration for attendees opens in November, exhibitors who may be interested in participating in the trade show, that registration process is actually going on right now.”

Higgins says this WineVit should be great because many are feeling much more comfortable with in-person meetings …

HIGGINS … “And now, we are just very excited to again be in-person for 2023. That networking aspect, that face-to-face meeting and contact, you just, there’s no replacement for that. And people really look forward to the opportunity to get together. So, we’re looking forward to it.”

So, whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor, go to or contact the Washington Winegrowers

Association for details. And like she said, registration for attendees opens in November, but exhibitors can register now.

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