Looting of Ukrainian Grain and Cost of Farm Production Higher

Looting of Ukrainian Grain and Cost of Farm Production Higher

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The California Department of Water Resources is urging the public to keep livestock and pets from drinking or entering the water at San Luis Reservoir in Merced County.

The warning comes due to blue-green algae blooms that can be particularly harmful to animals that drink the water and lick their fur.

Boating is allowed on the reservoir, but people are advised against swimming or water-contact recreation due to potential adverse health effects.

**The Initiative for the Study of Russian Piracy launched a new project, to expose the magnitude and potential impact of Russia's looting of Ukrainian assets.

www.agrimarketing.com reports, ISRP will release a report concluding Russia has looted more than half-million metric tons of Ukrainian grain and 11,000 metric tons of Ukrainian steel.

The theft has sparked fears of an engineered famine, and the resulting economic impact is already being felt worldwide.


**In 2021, USDA says the price of farm production hit $392.9 billion, up 7.3% from the year before.

The four biggest expenditures totaled $189.4 billion, just over 48% of all expenses last year.

Those four are feed at 16%, farm services at 11%, livestock, poultry, and related expenses at 10%, and labor at 9.4%.

Diesel is the largest sub-component at $8.4 billion, accounting for 65% of the total fuel, up 18%.

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