Georgia's Asian Longhorn Tick and AFBF Mental Health Month

Georgia's Asian Longhorn Tick and AFBF Mental Health Month

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The Georgia Department of Agriculture announced the Asian Longhorned Tick species has been found on multiple cattle on one farm in Hall County.

According to, this is the first confirmation of the tick this year following detection on a cow last fall on a Pickens County farm.

ALT is an invasive species with the potential to cause severe anemia and tick fever in livestock.

**In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, the American

Farm Bureau Federation will host “Farmers Saving Lives,” a free virtual event, tomorrow at 2pm

The live event will feature compelling stories from three Farm Bureau members who believe advocating for mental health wellness is a way to save lives in rural and farming communities.

Farmers, ranchers and their families are encouraged to attend via telephone, smartphone or tablet.


You can register for the event online at .

**Growing consumption of wine in the U.S. has contributed to an increase in wine imports, from 127 million gallons in fiscal year 2000 to 456 million gallons in 2021.

That adds up to nearly $7.5 billion in value.

USDA’s Economic Research Service reports most wine imports come from the European Union, accounting for 75% of the total value and 50% of the volume.

Specifically, the top two countries of origin, Italy and France.

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