Grapewise Report on Potassium

Grapewise Report on Potassium

With today’s special Grape Wise report from Helena Agri-Enterprises, I’m Corryn La Rue with California Ag Today. We are joined by Paul Crout, Helena Agronomist for the Western Division.

“Thank you, Corryn. It’s great to be back on the show.”

Paul, as we head into the summer months, we know potassium is essential for vine production but often misapplied. What advice would you give to growers right now?

“That’s right Corryn. While potassium is readily available in most soils, it is difficult for vines to take up enough K during peak demand. This demand occurs just before fruit set and continues through sizing. We know lack of potassium early can lead to smaller fruit, lower TSS, uneven ripening and poor color development. The key is to provide readily-available potassium to the vine early and often.”

That’s great information Paul. What can growers do to mitigate deficiencies?

“To be Grape Wise, Helena recommends a two-pronged program with both soil and foliar potassium. Our Nucleus K line increases the solubility and mobility of K in the soil and has excellent compatibility with other liquid fertilizers. The cornerstone of our foliar program is a tank mix of K-Leaf® Versa and Utilize® PK. Foliar-applied K can be difficult for vines to absorb, especially formulations which utilize flowable or micronized suspensions. With K-Leaf Versa and Utilize PK, you get true liquids designed for rapid uptake and metabolism.”

And before we go, where can our listeners go to learn more?

“You can visit for more information and to find your local Helena retailer to develop a custom Grape Wise program for your vineyards.”

Thanks again to Paul Crout, Helena Agronomist, for that insight.

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