Auction of Washington Wines 2022 Pt 2

Auction of Washington Wines 2022 Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. The Auction of Washington Wines is getting ready for its 35th Anniversary Wine Country Celebration to benefit WSU’s Viticulture & Enology Research, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Industry Grant Partner Vital Wines.

Executive Director Jamie Peha says it all helps Washington’s growing wine industry…

PEHA … “The Auction has raised more than $55-million over its lifetime and, or course, we’re going to top off that number this year but has always worked to be the philanthropic arm of the industry.”

The live and online events, Peha says are coming up …

PEHA … “Our events that are coming up in May, which is our Wine Country Vintner Duties, are all being held in the Tri-Cities area, particularly Red Mountain, and our specific charities for that both exist in that area.”

And that, Peha says serves the wine community …

PEHA … “We have, obviously, the Wine Science Center for research, which is there in Richland, and then we also are supporting Seattle Children’s which has a clinic in Tri-Cities. So, the funds that are raised at the three dinners we’re having there will go to that local community.”

For all the details, Peha says just go their website …

PEHA … “Exactly, is where you can go to find this information. And like you said, tickets are available for our main vintner dinners in Eastern Washington.”

More auction events and their annual Gala will be held in August at Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Wine Spectator lists the Auction of Washington Wines in the top five wine charity auctions in the nation.

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