Vax Mandate Impact Pt 1

Vax Mandate Impact Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Yes, the vaccine mandate for H-2A of foreign guest workers went into effect January 22nd, but will it make getting workers more difficult this year?

WAFLA’s Dan Fazio says the system they put into place last year should keep everything running smoothly …

FAZIO … “We pioneered that vaccination upon arrival approach and, in fact, we’re doing the same thing this year except being vaccinated, we’re doing booster on arrival, not a requirement to be boosted, but a great idea.”

For those workers who may be first-timers? …

FAZIO … “The Mexican government provides a website where workers can identify the nearest clinic. It’s a matter of clicking on that clicking on that website for workers in Mexico looking to get vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine.”

Bottom line, Fazio says there should be very few problems …

FAZIO … “So, it’s a small number of new workers that people are getting that, the first time up here, and that small number is relatively easy to get one of those FDA or WHO-approved vaccinations.”

The vast majority, Fazio says were here last year …

FAZIO … “Every year some of the 25,000 age out or, you know, get a better offer, but it’s over 90%, closer to 95, of the workers because it’s a pretty good gig.”

Tune in tomorrow for more on the vaccine mandate and the questions about getting tested for COVID.

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