WAEF Leadership Change Pt 2

WAEF Leadership Change Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Dr. Faviola Barbosa is ready to hit the ground running as the newly-appointed Executive Director at the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

As someone who was herself raised in the apple industry, Dr. Barbosa understands the importance of what WAEF brings to the community and what attracted her to this job …

BARBOSA … “Not only was it that the mission of the organization is to promote access to higher education, but then also coming in and providing the support services to students. I think that is so vital for a student to be successful.”

Given her background, Dr. Barbosa appreciates what WAEF means to the industry …

BARBOSA … “I know when I worked in higher education that was always a conversation at the table. It’s great that students apply. It’s great that students come. But now what? How can we continue to support them so that they can be successful? And I think that that is a vital component for WAEF.”

And the volunteers, Dr. Barbosa says are outstanding, including WAEF Alumni …

BARBOSA … “A lot of the students that are recipients of our scholarships do come back and become volunteers. And then, actually, also serve on the board as well. And so, it is that concept of paying it forward and I think that’s something very beautiful for the organization.”

So, what’s first on her agenda …

BARBOSA … “Job number one would be to get to know all of our donors, get out into the community so that people know that I’m the new Executive Director and meet the students as well, and the families, and grow the program.”

Dr. Barbosa is the fourth executive director in the foundation’s 28-year history, following Jennifer Witherbee who served in the position for over 20 years.

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