Cosmic Crisp Are Here Pt 2

Cosmic Crisp Are Here Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. It’s official, Cosmic Crisp apples can now be found in a grocery

store near you.

Stemilt Growers Marketing Director, Brianna Shales says this third year of commercially available Cosmic Crisps will provide the largest volume yet …

SHALES … “That’s going to be something that’s really fun to watch this year, and I think, you know, in a few years it’s going to become a very core part of the apple category just like your Honey Crisp, and your Gala and Fujis are today.”

Shales says this year’s weather didn’t hit Cosmic Crisp’s as negatively as other crops …

SHALES … “Yeah, the crops actually down for various reasons, you know, not just heat-induced, but there was some frost in the Spring that impacted it as well. So Cosmic, because it’s a later harvesting variety, it really got to grow in some wonderful Fall conditions out here in Washington.”

And so, Shales says the Cosmics are looking really good …

SHALES … “We’re excited about color, the size profiling, the fruit quality, and at Stemilt, we’re very, very selective about how we harvested it to make sure and manage the harvest so that we can have the best quality throughout the year for the consumer.”

Shales says if you haven’t seen them yet, it won’t be long …

SHALES … “The first day that we were eligible to ship was on November 8th and that’s always exciting because we get a lot of customer excitement around shipping those trucks out. So, it’s something we’ve been doing all week.”

Last year, Cosmic Crisp was the fifth most popular apple in the U.S. at nearly 11% of total sales.

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