New Potato commisioner

New Potato commisioner

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
During the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) November meeting, Mark Duncanson, the Director of Raw Material procurement at Basic American Foods, was sworn in to represent the processor sector of the industry. Brett Jensen of Brett Jensen Farms and Bryan Wada of Wada Farms was appointed Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively.

“Mark’s experience in finance and in sourcing raw agricultural ingredients will be extremely valuable as the industry continues to increase domestic and international demand for Idaho’s famous potatoes,” said Brett Jensen, Chairman, IPC.

Every marketing program the IPC initiates, whether it’s advertising, public relations, food service/retail promotions or social media, is designed to encourage folks to proactively look for the “Grown in Idaho®” seal and meet at least one of three overarching goals:

Stimulate demand for all Idaho-branded potato products domestically and internationally

Educate consumers that Idaho® potatoes are nutritious, heart-healthy, and relevant for today’s lifestyles

Build consumer and customer loyalty in seeking “Grown in Idaho®” products

Nine Commissioners represent Idaho® potato growers, shippers and processors. They are nominated by industry peers and selected by Governor Brad Little.

The Commissioners are:

Brett Jensen (Brett Jensen Farms) – Chairman

Bryan Wada (Wada Farms) – Vice Chairman

Ron Ambrose (4 Ace Farms)

Todd Cornelison (High Country Potatoes)

Mark Darrington (Big D Farms)

Mark Duncanson (Basic American Foods)

Eric Jemmett (J&S Farms)

Paul Saito (McCain Foods US)

Julie Van Orden (Garth Van Orden Farms)

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