NW Hort Expo Pt 2

NW Hort Expo Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. One of the speakers at this years Washington State Tree Fruit Association Annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo, is Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan.

He will address things like what’s driving supply chain problems and the export markets to watch moving forward …

ZEIHAN … “And, because of NAFTA, courtesy of the last administration, we now have an updated agreement with what is going to be the fastest growing consumer market in the world, and that’s Mexico.”

Zeihan says you will not want to miss out on the Mexican market …

ZEIHAN … “And anyone who does not have a substantial footprint in Mexico already, honestly, is missing out. There’s room for growth, there’s going to be room for growth for decades. But, it will be the single most important export market we have for a very long time.”

A market to be wary of, Zeihan says may surprise you …

ZEIHAN … “On the flips side … uhhh … I’ve been telling people in agriculture that if you’ve been betting on China, if you’ve been betting the farm on China … we’re getting very close to the point where you might lose the farm.”

And, Zeihan says we’re not their favorite …

ZEIHAN … “The Chinese have decided, for political reasons, that they never want to be dependent on the United States for anything. So, as long as there is any market anywhere in the world that can supply them with a product, they will go with the non-American option first.”

To hear more from Zeihan, simply attend the 117th WSTFA Annual Meeting and NW Hort Expo, December 6-8 in Yakima.

Go to … www.wstfa.org/annual-meeting/? … get signed up.

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