Dems Impact on Ag Pt1

Dems Impact on Ag Pt1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. During his recent Republican address, Congressman Dan Newhouse pointed to a number of Democrat policies that allow negative impacts on rural America, including overreaching taxes, regulations, and foreign purchases.

Newhouse says rural parts of our country are too often an afterthought …

NEWHOUSE … “Many of the laws and regulations that are proposed and passed make it really difficult for farmers to survive. And so, that was my goal in my address was to emphasize that.”

And, Newhouse says we must use the power we have to changes things …

NEWHOUSE … “If we really want to preserve our agricultural industry and our family farms then we’ve got to do more than just wax poetically about them. We have to, with positive actions in Congress and in legislatures around the country, make sure that we don’t put into place laws and regulations that make it impossible for them to be successful.”

Newhouse says we have to do more to educate …

NEWHOUSE … “Many of my friends and colleagues, although well-meaning people, just have no idea, no clue as to what it really takes to run a farm or what it really takes to have that desire to pass that farm on to the next generation and how important that is for our communities and for our country.”

Newhouse says he tries to tell the story at every opportunity.

Tune in tomorrow for more on the policies that could cost farmers everything.

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