Adjuvants for Soil Conditioning

Adjuvants for Soil Conditioning

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

Dry conditions and harvest equipment present additional challenges to growers, especially for those with heavier soils: Compaction. The intense heat paired with the reduced amount of water in the soil create a tighter soil profile. This situation is further exasperated by harvest operations, creating the perfect recipe for increased compaction.

Terry… “With the ongoing drought conditions, it's been a very key element in helping growers be more cautious on how to condition their soil with adjuvants just like they do with their spray tanks as well.”

That’s Michael Terry, a Pest Control Adviser and Certified Crop Adviser with Precision Laboratories. They specialize in adjuvants and irrigation water optimization products. Their products are designed to help with a variety of crops and soil types.

Terry… “It's not based off crop, it's based off soil. So if you're dealing with the heavy soil, we have a product. If you're dealing with the sandy soil and you're washing water through, and you need to hold that moisture, we have products for that. It's really taking the time, looking at your soil and having that conversation with the grower: what are the problems or having to find the right fit for the product. In our case, the crop doesn't matter. It's what soil.”

Terry says technology like this is what will help growers remain productive as water becomes more and more scarce.

Terry… “Water technology is growing dramatically and it's a key element and what we're doing now. I mean, we have sprayers that can drive themselves and take care of the above ground. We need technology below ground to really monitor that water. Make sure we're making best use of our precious resource of water.”

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