Pear Promotions Pt 2

Pear Promotions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. If you love pears, and really who doesn’t, you’ve probably noticed several new promotions for Northwest Pears both online and in the stores.

Pear Bureau Northwest president Kevin Moffitt says one they’re really excited about this year is the Quick

Response, or QR codes on the in-store displays allows you to meet the pear growers through a series of engaging videos …

MOFFITT … “Yeah, they’re very popular, as you saw, as you’ve seen. A pear orchard is, or an apple orchard, or a cherry orchard, I mean It’s a beautiful place. So, when you film it right with a great light, it’s kind of an ‘aha’ or ‘wow moment’ for them.”

And it’s pretty obvious, the growers LOVE what they do …

MOFFITT … “And you know what? That makes me enjoy what I’m doing because I love working for these growers because they are, they’re optimistic, they live in their orchards quite often, they’re family farmers. We have a good mix any more of younger farmers coming back to the orchards or buying orchards, as well as the people who’ve been there a long time.”

Moffitt says the growers are as different as the varieties on the trees …

MOFFITT … “We highlight some different growers, male, female, younger, older, it really does come through. And, these people just, they love what they do and, as you say, it comes across in these clips that we have highlighted.”

Moffitt says other notable promotions to watch for include #PearPizza takeover in October, World Pear Day on December 5th, and baking and entertaining recipes for the holidays.

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