9-14  IAT Ace Black Ranch 1

9-14 IAT Ace Black Ranch 1

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Ace Black Ranch finally got an inspection report from the EPA. That's after a summer of struggling with drought and heat issues and the visit by armed U.S. Marshals and EPA inspectors last June 16. Now all they have is the inspection report, no charges and no reason for such a heavy handed search. Terry Black: Marshals were Good. They were good guys. Heavily armed. But they were all good guys. They thought this was kind of a waste of time too. The Environmental Protection Agency has not said what they were looking for. But this past week issued a mysterious four page document. Ace Black attorney, Norm Semanco. And lo and behold, they get an inspection report in the mail. And the inspection report seems to suggest that EPA was looking for wet spots on an irrigated farm. Congratulations on on that. Looking at farm equipment, basically, and also most remarkably, they were inspecting irrigation pivots. So and we know from talking to the blacks that EPA also looked at irrigation ditches and diversions of water, how any of that factors into a potential Clean Water Act violation? We're all scratching our heads even more than we were before. So there you have it.
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