Support for Agtech

Support for Agtech

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report, I’m Tim Hammerich.

As new technologies are developed for the farm, support is needed to help growers know what’s out there in technology and how best to incorporate it into their operations. Riley Boylan and his team at Cypress Agritech offer this service while representing agtech companies who may not have the staff or expertise to provide this level of service themselves.

Boylan… “We're kind of trying to bridge the gap there of easing technology into their day-to-day lives and not making it complicated change. Because throwing in all this new technology, it's a bit of a shock to anyone. And so our goal is to kind of make that transition easy for everyone.”

Started in Bakersfield, California, Cypress Agritech has staff around the country but got their start in specialty crops, representing companies like Bird Control Group.

Boylan… “They produce an automated bird laser deterrent. It's a bird laser that scans throughout fields and scares birds away. They see it as a predator coming at them and it sweeps them right out of the field.”

Boylan says this bird control technology is an example of something that needs extra sales and support help.

Boylan… “It looks like a security camera and it's a bird laser that scares birds out of the field. If I were to just tell anyone that has never heard of it, they'd be shocked. You know, they'd need to see it for themselves.”

Cypress Agritech works with a variety of agtech companies to bring these products to market.

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