Poultry Producers CFAP 2

Poultry Producers CFAP 2

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Additional Alabama poultry producers may be eligible to take part in the USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program or CFAP 2. The same holds true for contract producers around the country.

Russ Durance is Alabama Farmers Federation Poultry Division Director.

Durance: “What this is is basically re-opening the application process. So I would urge producers who had previously applied for this program to come back and look at the application process and consider modifying their application.”

Durance says the initial CFAP program left so many questions for producers that the FSA put the process on hold based on producers’ status as contract producers.

Assistance is also available to new contract producers who began their farming operation in 2020.

Durance: “ The new process can account for income levels in 2018 as well as 2019 to be compared to that 2020 level during COVID. It also allows for some different growth models to take place on the farm that would allow you to modify that application process.”

The latest update adds eligible breeding stock and eggs of all eligible poultry types produced under contract.

These changes provide flexibility and make the program more equitable for contract producers who had losses in 2019 compared to a normal production year.

Newly eligible producers who need to submit a CFAP 2 application or producers who need to modify an existing one can do so by contacting their local FSA office. Applications close October 12th.

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