Water-Fish Recovery Pt 2

Water-Fish Recovery Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Whatcom County farmers are calling on the Governor to stop “pushing snooze” when it comes to water rights and salmon recovery in the Nooksack River Basin.

Save Family Farming’s Dillon Honcoop says Governor Inslee talks a good game when it comes to climate change, but then offers decades-long solutions …

HONCOOP … “With that cloud hanging over a farm and not knowing what their water access is going to be in the future. I mean, water is everything for farming, if they don’t know for sure, it’s going to be crazy for them to continue on. Farms are going to end.”

Honcoop says farmers wonder if there’s any way out …

HONCOOP … “Already, farms that are in operation are taking a look at, you know, do we invest in the future or do we work our way out of this?”

But, Honcoop says the answers seem pretty simple …

HONCOOP … “We can have solutions if we get the state’s support, the county’s support, the whole community involved, all the different players involved, we can be seeing solutions that directly help fish and stream flows within the next few years, the next decade. That’s the kind of urgency that we need. That’s the kind of urgency the governor is saying that we need. Now, we just need their actions behind the scenes to actually back that up.”

Honcoop says immediate solutions that benefit salmon, farming and the families are what’s needed.

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