Soil Health and Valent Pt 3

Soil Health and Valent Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Is the soil your crop grows in healthy? That’s where the key lies to maximizing the quality and yield of the fruits you grow. Valent USA knows this and has a product to improve your specialty crops.

Valent’s Mike Riffle says talk to one of our reps about our Mycorrhizal fungi …

RIFFLE … “The Endomax product in particular, for specialty crops for sure, and the Valent sales reps are very technically oriented. They know the science. So, yeah, the Valent reps are very well up to speed on all of the science and the technology part of it.”

Soil health info in general, Riffle says is easy to find …

RIFFLE … “If the growers start thinking about soil health, and I tell you, any trade press you pick up, no matter what crop, there’s articles about soil health. So, there’s lots of different people talking about it and there’s of resources out there if you want to learn more about soil health in general.”

And, Riffle says we’re learning more helpful things every day …

RIFFLE … “As the science progresses there’s things that farmers can do that are very beneficial that they may not be doing right now, that they could add to their practices or change a practice slightly. And, all that’s going to lead to at least the same profitability and, over time, they’ll see benefits in their soil health and things like that.”

Tune in tomorrow for more Valent’s soil health improvements and why it’s only natural.

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