Building Trust in Biologicals

Building Trust in Biologicals

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
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It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

Over the years many companies have come and gone with biological solutions. Some effective, some - to put it bluntly - snake oil. Plant Response, Inc aims to instill more trust in biologicals by focusing on the science, says CEO Tom Snipes.

Snipes… “In the early stages of biologicals, I think they potentially kind of over-promised and under-delivered. And so what I mean by that is these are really complex products and the chances that you're going to get one that work on a hundred percent of the acres, a hundred percent of the soil types all the time across all crops. I would be very skeptical of that if I'm a producer or if I'm even a retailer.”

Snipes and his team at Plant Response have grown their business and acquired other biological companies, including WISErg that you may have heard about in yesterday’s report.

Snipes… “We're building a portfolio, but then another thing that we feel is incumbent on us as we're trying to accelerate adoption. And when we accelerate adoption, that's by teaching these guys the right way to use these products and kind of learning with them of where these products are performing well and where they don't.”

Snipes says that producers should focus on the science and be skeptical of anything lofty claims that seem far-fetched.

Snipes… “If I'm a producer and I hear really broad-based claims that this product is going to do all these wonderful things in every situation, I think there needs to be a healthy level of skepticism around that. We really want to take a very science-based approach.”

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