Overtime Bill Moves On Pt 3

Overtime Bill Moves On Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Revised Senate Bill 5172 has passed and now moves to the House where it will undoubtedly get more tweaking.

Currently, the bill would phase in overtime pay for farm workers over three years and protects ag employers from lawsuits seeking three years retroactive overtime pay.

The takeaway, Washington Policy Center’s Initiative on Ag Director, Pam Lewison says is …

LEWISON … “I hope is that what people see is the opportunity to continue having a discussion about how important agriculture is to our state, both to the people who do it, but also to the larger economy and particularly how important our farm workers are to us.”

So, Lewison says the time has come to speak our piece …

LEWISON … “You know, whether it’s your local legislator or when this bill comes up in committee, please make sure that what ever you’re feeling is about this piece of legislation, voice your opinion.”

Lewison says now, more than ever …

LEWISON … “Because we as a community don’t often talk about our livelihood and how important it is to us, and this is a piece of legislation that could, quite honestly, make or break us. So, we really need to have as much input publicly from our community as possible.”

One revision many farmers would like to see would be to include a seasonal exemption to overtime pay, like harvest season.

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