CWCB Supports X Genesis Two

CWCB Supports X Genesis Two

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The Colorado Water Conservation Board has skin in the game at this year’s X Genisis Water and Climate Event. CWCB Board Chair Jessica Brody told a recent board meeting that CWCB had provided some funding support which could result in real water policy opportunities in the future.

This X Genesis Event challenges entrepreneurs and experts to come up with scalable and market-based solutions to the “wicked” problems of climate change as it pertains to water.

Denver-based X Genesis defines wicked problems as those problems, “that resist definitive formulation and are difficult to solve due to incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements.”

The entrepreneurs are being asked to consider wicked problems that touch on four areas; climate events that impact water resources; water supply, water infrastructure, and water quality in the face of climate change.

Brody says for each one of those areas teams of experts have created a map for potential solutions.


” They’ve done a lot of work to put together research briefs, what’s been tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked to provide to the entrepreneurs who are going to be coming together and taking a fresh look at these challenging problems that we face as a community, we face as a state and frankly we face as a country.”

The X Genesis Water and Climate Event take place over 4 weeks through April 9th.

Brody says she plans to report back in May regarding what was learned and what potential solutions these entrepreneurs come up with that could be considered by the CWCB.

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