Cold, Wet Weather Across U.S.

Cold, Wet Weather Across U.S.

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

Another crazy week of weather has passed with some northern states experiencing heavy snow and below-freezing temperatures.

Brad Rippey, a USDA meteorologist, says there are some winter agricultural areas that are not likely to be hit with damaging low temperatures.

"The good news is that we are not going to see any significant freezes reaching California, the desert southwest, or Florida, in terms of winter agricultural regions. We will be keeping a close eye on south texas, the lower Rio Grande valley. It looks like temperature could ease towards the freezing mark as we move towards the weekend and beyond. But at this point, it looks like temperate mays stay just at or above freezing in deep-south texas. But for other winter ag areas, California, the desert southwest, and Florida, looks like those areas will stay safe from the extreme cold."

Northern states have experienced temperatures as cold as -20 degrees, while most of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama haven't dipped below 30 degrees.

As for precipitation, the SouthEast saw around 4-8 inches in most parts, with some areas in South Florida experiencing as little as half an inch, which is about 25% of the average for January.

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