Consuming More Walnuts in  Plant-Forward Eating

Consuming More Walnuts in Plant-Forward Eating

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
The California Walnut Board and Commission is working with the Produce for Better Health Foundation on a plant-forward eating guide, that includes walnuts. Jennifer Olmstead is Marketing Director for Domestic Public Relations for the California Walnut Board and Commission.

“The Produce for Better Health Foundation is actively fighting a consumption crisis of fruit and vegetables. We all know people aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables. And in recent years they have opened up their arms and invited foods such as walnuts into the conversation when they talk about eating more plants,” said Olmstead. “Walnuts are a very natural partner for this plant-forward eating guide. And really the intent of this guide was to cut through some of the confusion because we hear the terms plant-based and plant-forward being thrown around pretty interchangeably,” Olmstead explained.

And Olmstead said it was time to put a stake in the ground to define what those terms mean.

“The plant-based products are very trendy and something that walnuts definitely play a strong role in. We wanted to make the guide about eating a plant-forward diet, and when you're eating plant-forward, it's more inclusive and it's more accessible because you're really not cutting anything out,” she said.

Such as a plant-based diet, meaning you cut out all animal foods. This is different said, Olmstead.

“Instead you're focusing on plant foods such as fruits and vegetables and nuts like walnuts,” she said.

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