Boulder County Commissioner Calls on Polis to Move on Climate

Boulder County Commissioner Calls on Polis to Move on Climate

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

The chairwoman of the Boulder County Board of Commissioners is calling on Governor Polis to do more to address climate change, especially in the wake of Colorado’s record wildfires.

Commissioner Deb Gardner writes in the Colorado Sun that “the Governor’s Office must go further with its climate plans to crack down on emissions that degrade our air quality, contribute to a warming climate, and disproportionately impact vulnerable communities.”

Gardner appreciates Polis’ rapid relief efforts and collaboration with local leaders, which helped save lives, homes, and businesses. But she writes the state mush crackdown on emissions that degrade air quality, and contribute to a warming climate.

According to the USDA, the total acreage burned by wildfires nationwide in 2020 approached the modern record but exceeded it in western states.

Brad Rippey, is a USDA Meteorologist.

Rippey: “Colorado, California, as well as Oregon, really seemed to take the worst of it this year. Some of that tied to the drought that has been focused in those areas.”

Rippey says it was a record-setting year for these states. California saw well over 4 million acres burned by wildfire. 5 of the 6 largest wildfires ever to burn in California happened this year.

Rippey:“ And much of the same can be said for Colorado where we saw the three largest modern wildfires on record occurring all in 2020.”

Commissioner Gardner says, “Now more than ever, it’s imperative that the Governor’s Office does not let up on the pursuit of meaningful, enforceable policy .”

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