Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

A message to consider regarding Christmas trees this year; If you plan to buy one, don’t wait.

In a normal year, most Christmas tree farms are open right up to Christmas Eve; but this year many farms are selling out of trees and closing early for the season, according to the Pick Your Own Christmas Tree website.

Some tree farms may have decided not to open at all, due to all the COVID19 restrictions. Some are only open on weekends or only have hayrides, Santa visits, and events on weekends.

That’s the same message from Tim O'Connor, President of the National Christmas Tree Association. O’Conner says it is a record year for tree sales and tree lots too.

O’Conner: “ They might make it through one more weekend and then many of them will have no more inventory left they’ve had such a run as people have people wanted to have a family Christmas at home, wanted to have something authentic.”

Sales of real Christmas Trees could set a record this year.

The caution continues with the advice that demand will be high since people have been locked down and not having much to do for these long months - but families can go to farms. And a farm may be the only place you can take your kids to see Santa. Of course, check with the farm before you go.

Pick Your Own Christmas Tree website does have a full list of locations across Colorado where farms are open to families, some with Christmas activities like a visit with Santa. There’s also information about cutting a tree from a state or national forests in Colorado.

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