Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Rick Worthington
Rick Worthington
Christmas Tree Care

You may now have a fresh cut Xmas tree in your home. Keeping it fresh is not as easy as you might think.

John Kushla is what we call a xmas tree expert - and tells us...

Keep these tips in mind as you shop for your Christmas tree:

Look for a healthy, green tree with the least amount of brown needles.

Select a tree displayed in a shady location. Avoid picking from a sunny area.

Run a few branches through your hands. The needles should feel pliable and not fall off.

Raise the tree a few inches, then drop the trunk into the ground. Very few green needles should fall off, but it's fine if the tree loses a few brown ones.

2. Trim the trunk (and then trim it again).

When you purchase a Christmas tree, double-check that the seller makes a fresh cut straight across the base of the trunk to aid water absorption. This gets rid of any dried-over resin that might block the tree from absorbing water. When you get home, if you're not putting your tree up right away, place it in a bucket of water. (Note that you should always store real trees in an unheated garage or area that's protected from wind and freezing temperatures.)

When you're ready to bring it inside, make another one-inch cut off the bottom of the trunk. Once inside, place it in a sturdy stand that holds at least one gallon of water.

And he says - knowing the basics will not only ensure a good looking tree - but also keep you safe...

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